Inland Crew Solutions


Delivering Consistent Value

Quick Response

Not only do we respond to client request for crew faster than our competitors, we respond with the best possible option or multiple choices.

Professional Crew

Most of our recruits are experienced, some with 5-10 years on board. We try to minimize crew rejects by selecting people with the right attitude.

Careful Selection

Crew is chosen on their professional record and personal reputation. This helps us minimize human error and irresponsible behavior on board.

Less Administration

We provide full administrative support related to recruiting non-native crew. The client can reduce a lot of their compliance workload with our help.

Cheaper Training

Our crew can train for specific roles, new responsibilities and upgraded equipment at unbelievably low costs when compared with other EU markets.

Better Workmanship

Many of our senior crew members come from years of experience on sea-going vessels, bringing better skills and professional attitude to inland navigation.

Our Main Objective:
Helping Clients Achieve Growth

Our crew sourcing does not focus only on recruitment; we provide a range of back-up services which complement crewing. We maintain a strict screening process to make sure that our clients are getting the people they want to work with on the long term. Our services ensure a thorough exercise in screening, interviews, selection, and briefing of candidates so that they can fit the client’s requirements.

All crew are made fully aware of the client brief and their own professional responsibilities during duty on board. The sailor’s experience and certificates are cross-checked with the relevant authorities and past employers; their professional records are thoroughly verified during personal interviews.

We believe our crewing solutions should help our customers improve their business performance. We help clients resolve their technical challenges and reach business objectives with our experience and expertise.

Manning Resources

Recruitment Geography

We are located at the heart of the Lower Danube and our crew comes primarily from the cities and towns along the river which have historically been connected by river transport. The local people have an easy familiarity with different types of river vessels and many of them have worked on passenger boats or cargo ships at some time in their lives.

Skills Database

Our office maintains a growing roster of riverboat personnel who currently work with us, or have worked with us in the past, or want to work with us in future if we have suitable jobs. We update the database every week so that our clients have several options available during crew selection. This makes decision-making easy and reduces chances of delay.

Personal Relationship

We know our crew members, their antecedents, their professional record, where they come from and their family background. We know how they will behave in a work environment and what they are capable of doing under stressful conditions. We invest time and effort to know our crew members personally so that our clients don’t face uncertainties.

Large Skill Pool

Romania has world class education and training institutions dedicated to maritime seafaring. A large number of graduates from these schools are now migrating to a career in river transport because of the uncertainty of sea-going jobs and lack of cadet opportunities. This is a growing talent pool that is better educated, and wants to work close to shore and cities.

About Inland Crew Solutions

Inland Crew Solutions (ICS) is a manning provider to inland water transport, bringing fresh skills and energy to inland shipping companies. Besides a full range of staffing and recruitment solutions, ICS offers critical administrative support by minimizing the time, effort and paperwork involved in recruiting sailors from other EU markets. We specialize in personnel for general cargo ships, bulk carriers, container vessels, tankers and barges. ICS delivers cost efficiency while remaining firmly committed to safe and responsible inland navigation.

Inland Crew Solutions (ICS) is een aanbieder van bemanning voor het vervoer over binnenwateren en brengt nieuwe vaardigheden en energie naar de binnenvaartondernemingen. Naast een volledig scala aan rekruterings- en wervingsoplossingen biedt ICS kritische administratieve ondersteuning door tijd, moeite en papierwerk die nodig zijn voor het werven van bemaning van andere EU-markten tot een minimum te beperken. We zijn gespecialiseerd in personeel voor algemene vrachtschepen, bulkschepen, containerschepen, tankers en duwbakken. ICS levert kostenefficiëntie en blijft zich sterk inzetten voor een veilige en verantwoorde binnenvaart.

Inland Crew Solutions (ICS) ist ein Besatzungsunternehmen für die Binnenschifffahrt und bringt neue Fähigkeiten und Energie in die Unternehmen der Binnenschifffahrt ein. Zusätzlich zu einer umfassenden Palette von Einstellungs- und Rekrutierungslösungen bietet das ICS kritische administrative Unterstützung, indem es den Zeit-, Arbeits- und Verwaltungsaufwand für die Rekrutierung von Besatzung aus anderen EU-Märkten minimiert. Wir sind spezialisiert auf Personal für Stückgutfrachter, Massengutfrachter, Containerschiffe, Tanker und Schleppkähne. Das ICS ist kosteneffizient und setzt sich weiterhin stark für eine sichere und verantwortungsvolle Binnenschifffahrt ein.

Inland Crew Solutions (ICS) est un fournisseur d'effectifs pour le transport fluvial, apportant de nouvelles compétences et de l'énergie fraîche aux compagnies de navigation intérieure. Outre une gamme complète de solutions de recrutement et d’embauche, ICS offre un soutien administratif essentiel en minimisant le temps, les efforts et la paperasserie nécessaires au recrutement de marins d'autres marchés de l'UE. Nous nous spécialisons dans le personnel pour navires de cargo générales, vraquiers, porte-conteneurs, pétroliers et barges. ICS assure une rentabilité tout en restant fermement attachée à la sécurité et à la responsabilité de la navigation intérieure.

Recruitment Office

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Head Office

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